Monday, June 04, 2007

Roller Shoes

I am of the firm opinion that if God intended for me to roll down the sidewalk while standing on my feet, I would have been born with wheels. Birds fly, fish swim and I walk. That’s why God created feet.

So I am not surprised to read of the staggering injuries occurring to children who wear the latest style of footwear: Roller shoes. (Whatever happened to roller skates?)

I believe if God intended for children to fall off their wheels while trying to balance on their heels, they would have been born with ankle straps, knee and elbow pads, a butt cushion, a nose protector and a helmet.

Children are being seriously hurt trying to be “cool” and fit in. It is natural for children to want to experiment and defy the laws of physics, and it is just as natural for parents to deny children the “pleasure” of wreaking havoc on their young bodies before they have a chance to fully develop.

Hats off to those parents who remain firm against the pitiful wails of their progeny, “But all my friends have roller shoes.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out a child crying out of the frustration of not getting her way is far better than a child crying from the pain of shattered bones.

God did not give us a “Thou shalt not wear roller shoes” law, but as far as I know, roller shoes were not in vogue in Biblical days.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Before the Need

I was taking photographs of a couple’s new modular home, still in two sections, when close to noon, the husband announced, “My wife went out to the car about 10:45 and everything was all right, but when she was ready to leave for work, the driver’s side window was broken.”

I thought he was joking at first. I hoped he was joking. My car was parked next to hers on their lawn in front of their trailer.

“Your windows are okay,” he assured me.

Still, I went to check. Sure enough, the driver’s window was a network of tiny cracks. It appeared someone had fired a pellet from the road and it had shattered the window. The point of impact was easily located and the trajectory angle showed it traveled just behind my car. Had I lined my car up directly beside hers, as I started to do when I arrived, my car would have been the one with the broken window.

While he waited for a Sheriff’s deputy to arrive, he told me how God took care of their need before they were aware they would have one.

He didn’t really want to go to the races. He was tired from a hard day of climbing up and down a ladder to roof a storage shed he had built, but his wife wanted to go. He was annoyed at folks trying to draw him into buying a ticket for a charity, so he refused to buy one. Until they climbed to their seats and came across a quiet, non-aggressive woman selling tickets. He purchased one, and his name was drawn.

They went home $250 richer. The best deal he could find on a new window was $200.

He enjoyed sharing the story with the work crew. God knew he would have a need before they did and God provided for it.

Sometimes we have to walk in faith, unable to see God’s hand in a situation. And sometimes we are gently reminded that he can, when he chooses, answer a need before we are even aware of one or have an opportunity to ask for his help.