Saturday, February 09, 2008

Oprah and Friends

As a television personality, I like what little I know of Oprah. She has a reputation of being generous and kind. If she endorses a product, folks rush out to buy it. If she endorses a book, sales rocket. If she endorses a religion with a god who loves everyone and gives us everything we want without regard for Biblical truth and without the God of creation, authority and holiness, millions listen and many embrace it.

However, let's face facts. Oprah might be a fantastic entertainer, but God has not elected her His spokesperson. Nor has he given her permission to alter His word and teach a different gospel. She is outspoken about being very spiritual (remember, this word means different things to different people and religions), but what kind of spirituality is she hyperbolizing?

Oprah has said Marianne Williamson, a long-time friend and author of many spiritual books was the reason she began her Book Club. Ms. Williamson has been on Oprah and Friends Radio. (I checked the radio schedule.) So has Shirley MacLaine. Some of the past shows deal with Taoism, Buddhism, past lives, etc.

Oprah has also had Esther Hicks on to discuss the secret behind The Secret, a very controversial book. Ms. Hicks didn't write that book, so who is she? She is an inspirational speaker and co-author of a book titled The Law of Attraction:The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham. But she is not writing about the Abraham of the Bible. She "dialogues with or 'channels' a group of spiritual teachers collectively known as 'Abraham.' Esther refers to the material that she channels as 'Abraham-Hicks.'"

I don't know about you but these endorsements set off Spiritual alarms for me. These teachings are in direct conflict with the Holy Word of God.

I don't write this to put down Oprah, but to shed some light on what she is endorsing. Many are drinking it in as enlightened truth. If you would like to read more on this subject, click here. This is not an endorsement of the books being sold on this link page. I have not read any of them. This is merely the link that set me searching to find the information in this post.

Don't allow yourself to be led astray by anyone - friend, relative, pastor, entertainer, etc. Read the Word and stand firm in His truth.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Hotel Glass Expose

There is no place like home. Familiar surroundings, familiar routines and even familiar germs.

But stay at a hotel - even a swanky hotel - and you might come down sick from drinking out of a hotel glass. How can this be? They wash those glasses! Don't they? See for yourself.

Click here to watch the hotel drinking glass expose video. It's short, surprising and disgustingly educational.

Yes, there's no place like home.