Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Minor Consideration

It's been quite a while since the last post, but not only have I been busy, I've been trying to decide what changes to make with Mercy and Percy. It will gradually assume its own identity again.

I am old enough to remember Paul Peterson of The Donna Reed Show. I also remember watching Rusty Hamer in reruns of The Danny Thomas Show. It was a surprise to learn in American Profile Magazine that Rusty Hamer committed suicide in 1990. And that his death helped spur Paul Peterson to found the nonprofit organization A Minor Consideration.

I googled the organization and applaud Peterson for investing so much of his time and talent into helping current and prior child actors. It has to be hard to be pampered and fawned over as a child and then dumped like a sack of spoiled potatoes when you're no longer "cute."

But the first link I clicked on from Google Search was a story on "'The 'Rape' of Dakota Fanning." I never watched the movie Hound Dog which starred 12 year-old Dakota Fanning as a rape victim and I'm sure glad I missed it! Because Peterson has a lot to say about any mother and movie set staff exploiting a child in such a graphic movie. And I, personally, don't understand why child pornography can be prosecuted and this type of exploitation isn't.

You can find the article here. But if you believe a child deserves a protected childhood, it will raise your hackles. Keep up the good work raising awareness of the problems child actors face, Peterson, as well as helping educate, legislate and whatever is needed to help child actors and former child actors survive in the business and transition into the real world.