Saturday, December 04, 2004


Under Attack
by Janice Price

“Jody, do you know where I can buy an inexpensive golf club?” I asked my golf-loving neighbor.

“Sure. I have a starter set. What kind do you want?”

“One I can use as a weapon.”

When Merci and I resumed our walk, I was swinging a golf club, Jody’s donation for our protection.

As he drove by, the county Animal Control and Shelter Manager leaned his head out the window, to yell laughingly, “Hey, ya got ya a big stick!”

He knew the reason for the club but not that the city Animal Control Officer had advised me to carry one. I’m not sure how effectively I might be able to swing it in an emergency, but after last week I no longer feel safe walking Merci. Someone left their gates open and three aggressive dogs attacked her. They didn’t bother me, only the little dog that had unsuccessfully tried to make friends with them each time we passed.

Two of the dogs bit Merci and then hemmed her on three sides. I needed to get her off the ground quickly. I started blowing a whistle and screaming for someone to call the police. This would stop the dogs temporarily, and then we would all dance as I tried to lift a moving fifteen to twenty pound dog. I whistled and yelled and we danced until I finally had Merci in one arm.

She panicked, kicked free and started yelping, and I had to wrestle her back into one arm again. The last time I stopped to yell at the lead dog to go home, I was ready to collapse and could barely breathe. A woman yelled that she was calling the police. I turned and our mailman was standing on the corner. The dogs disappeared, a stranger took Merci and I in, and after Animal Control arrived she gave us a ride home.

This was an overt attack, but we have an enemy that is often so subtle we don’t recognize we are under attack. Some people don’t even believe he exists. But the Bible tells us to resist our enemy, a roaring lion on the prowl. (I Peter 5:8, 9) How? Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. (Ephesians 6:11 NIV)

We walked by there this morning for the first time since the attack. My insides were jelly and I gripped the club tightly. I hope I never have to swing it as a weapon, but I would protect Merci or myself with it if necessary.

True protection, however, comes from wearing the armor of God. Never leave home without it.

© 2004 Janice Price


Vicki said...

Dear Jan,

Powerful word pictures! I felt so riveted by the story, as if I were actually there with you and Merci. (I'm so sorry she got attacked). Your parallel to the enemy's attack is so true..sometimes we're not aware right away, but we sure don't want to leave home without God's armor. Thank you for good insights and for encouraging me with your writing tonight. I'll be back soon!

love & blessings,

Jimmy said...

I'm new to the blogging world and so thoroughly enjoyed your post, Jan. The illustrations of our human lives was so appropriate and I needed to hear it. On a funny side...something similar happened to me a couple months ago with my 12 pound terrier. When the big dogs started to attack, I was finally able to get him up from the ground and stick him in a mailbox and shut the lid so I could deal with the dogs. Don't you wonder what my poor dog was thinking???

Be God's,

Janice said...

Oh, Jimmy, I'm still laughing at the mental picture of you stuffing your dog in a mailbox.

I don't imagine you were laughing at the time, though. I know I wasn't.

Thanks for your comment. It made my day, but I can't tell Merci. She'll think I'll do the same to her, but she wouldn't fit in a mailbox.

Be happy.