Monday, February 14, 2005


To Bear You Up
by Janice Price

I’m acrophobic, which means I have a fear of wearing high heels, ice skating, surfing or any other activity that takes my feet off of solid ground. I would prefer to move rather than climb a ladder to change a light bulb on the ten foot ceiling inside this house. So why do I keep trying to fly?

I’ve had a lot of practice so I know from personal experience that once the body is airborne it will eventually connect with something solid and bone-jarring, if not bone-breaking. After all, what goes up does have to come down and the earth isn’t paved with feather mattresses to soften the landing.

I tied my dog Merci and my puppy Buddy to the porch railing for a while this afternoon. Buddy wound his lead around the bushes and then cried when he couldn’t walk forward any more. He saw me coming down the porch steps to rescue him and he lunged forward to greet me. This raised his lead and pulled it taut, directly in front of my forward-moving leg. I saw the lead snap tight, but I was off balance, and it was too late to stop the forward momentum. My leg hit the lead and I was flying. I wasn’t falling. I was flying.

I landed on the cement walk well past the bottom step. I would prefer to never do this again, but since I am adept at flying short distances, I can attest to the fact that the landing was softer than many others I have experienced. Amazingly, I didn’t break anything. I acquired some aches and pains, and possibly some bruises, but the main injury seems to be the huge dent in my pride.

I relived that short flight in my mind tonight and I was reminded of Psalms 91:11-12. For he shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

I have many memories of painful, slow-healing injuries from a variety of accidents over a lifetime. There have also been a few times when God’s angelic protection was manifested in a clear and unforgettable way.

I walked carefully down the porch steps early one rainy morning several years ago. One foot slid forward off the step and I began to fall backward. I should have landed on my tailbone on the edge of a step behind me. But the fall seemed to go in slow motion and I landed softly on the top step.

This is one of the rare instances where I was aware of protection from potential harm as the accident was in progress, but more often I’m rather dense and God has to remind me, as he did today, of his plan of protection.

A year ago I tripped and went flying across the bedroom. Suddenly, I dropped straight down like a lead weight onto the carpet. I screamed with the pain of landing on a knee that was already injured, but when I was finally able to move, I found I was “this” close to crashing head-first into the corner of a heavy table. Just a shave more and my injuries could have been life threatening.

Perhaps you can remember a time of God’s protection, when he sent his angels to “bear you up” and you came through an emergency situation unscathed, or perhaps a time when you came through an accident bruised when you know you should have been broken.

I wonder how often God’s angels bear us up and we are oblivious, unaware or unthankful of it.

© 2005 Janice Price


Vicki said...

Hi Jan! Happy Valentine's Day. Such a good post, my friend. It made me pause and give thanks for the many, MANY times that God has provided divine protection in my life. Thank you for reminding me that He will bear me up--again and again.

You use really good word pictures in your writing, Jan, and I love the touch of humor here and there. God has gifted you indeed.

Blessings & hugs,

ps--and thanks for the prayers!!

Jimmy said...

Great analogy, Jan. I also know and wonder how many times God's angels have protected us and we never even knew it. Even though I can readily identify with being tangled up in the dog leash and losing all balance, composure and pride; I can more identify with the protection of His Angels in my life and in the lives of those around me. Thanks for reminding me of this.
Be God's,

Janice said...

Hey, Vicki and Jimmy,

I think blogger ate my earlier post to you, Vicki, so I'll write another.

Thanks to both of you for your Valentine wishes and the same to each of you.

I had planned to write on a different subject yesterday, but with Buddy's help, I was reminded of God's miraculous protection.

Hugs to Vicki. Murphy, you owe hugs to Jimmy - and no more tangling him in the leash!


Donna J. Shepherd said...

I do thank God for His protection! I fell really hard a few months ago when I missed the step going out into my garage. I landed HARD on both knees on the concrete floor. I flipped myself over, started massaging my knees- turning blue right before my eyes, and began to pray for healing. I got up, sore and, like you said, my pride bruised, too! but I could walk! Praise the Lord! Gave me a pretty good scare though. I also caught myself with my hands, and since I'm the church pianist and do computer input for work, I was quadrupally thankful! :)

I must keep my guardians quite busy!

Janice said...


I remember reading about your fall and it sounded quite painful. Our knees weren't meant to take much of the abuse we give them, at least those of us who keep falling and landing on them.

Keep a sharp eye on Molly so she doesn't accidentally trip you and send you flying.

Do you think our guardian angels ever get vacations?


Paul said...

Hi Jan,

Just blogging by to say howdy and give thanks that the Lord has watched over you over the years.

I know that my mother can attest to the fact that the Lord brought me through a lot of things. I was a mothers worse nightmare when it came to accidents.

But here I am ... pressing on and in, in the Lord.

Be blessed my friend,


Janice said...

Hi, Paul,

Chuckle of the day:

For those of us who are or ever have been accident prone, I wonder what our lives would look like in fast forward?

There's a story on that relates to this accident, called "Scene of the Crime."

Keep smiling, my friend.