Sunday, March 13, 2005


If it Looks Like a Dog
by Janice Price

If it looks like a dog, quacks like a dog and flies like a dog, it must be a dog. Isn’t that correct?

Anyone who believes this probably doesn’t see the need for spam filtering software for an email program.

Spammers are becoming more proficient at finding sneaky ways to reach us. As a rule, we are pretty gullible, not necessarily because we’re dumb but because we often want to believe the best of others. We don’t want to live in a world of paranoia, where we look for wolves in sheep’s clothing behind every pebble.

But if something that looks like a dog, quacks like a dog and flies like a dog arrives in my spam filtering program prior to downloading into my email box, I’m suspicious. It’s usually spam in disguise.

Sin is also becoming more proficient at finding sneaky ways to reach us. We now have a flying, quacking dog impersonator named Political Correctness creating havoc in society today. To be politically correct we must alter our language to redress real or alleged injustices and discrimination and to avoid offense; however, soft-pedaling it by changing what we call it doesn’t alter the facts. Let’s call things as they are - spam is spam and sin is sin.

We all know the story of John the Baptist. He was the epitome of political correctness. He told King Herod, “It’s okay to have your brother’s wife,” and John lived to a ripe old age.

And we all know how Jesus lauded the Pharisees for their piety and the perfect example they set for those under their authority.

No, I’m not delusional. I’m just checking to see whether you are paying attention.

The Old Testament prophets and the New Testament Apostles spoke the truth as God inspired them. John the Baptist was beheaded because he refused to be politically correct. I don’t think Jesus was worried about avoiding offense when he addressed the Pharisees. He called things what they were and since the Pharisees were hypocritical, he called them hypocrites.

Today Jesus would probably be condemned as a discriminating, fanatical, finger-pointing, offensive name-caller who doesn’t understand that it is offensive to hypocrites to not be called alternative religionists or whatever name they have designated for themselves. Because today we are much more enlightened than in Jesus’ day and we know there is no such thing as sin, everything we do is acceptable and whatever is right in our own eyes should be accepted as right in everyone else’s. It should be no wonder our children are confused about right and wrong, morals and ethics, with illogical teachings such as this.

Some say there is no such thing as sin and everyone will be in God’s kingdom or only a particular group will be or - There are many views, but the one that counts is God’s. God says there is such a thing as sin and unrepentant sinners will not be in the kingdom. He even names particular sins. The question is, do we believe him or do we want to fit in with society and be politically correct?

What we have here looks like a dog, quacks like a dog and flies like a dog. Society says it is a dog, so it must be a dog. Isn’t that correct?

No, it isn’t correct. If God calls something a sin, it’s a sin. That might not be politically correct, but it’s God’s truth.

© 2005 Janice Price


Paul said...

Hi Jan,

A very good post my friend!

Blessings!! Trying to get caught up with all my blogging this week.

Now that I finally got the pain medication, I can focus in a little bit better now.

Catch ya later,


Janice said...


So glad your medication finally arrived. Have a great week!