Thursday, June 09, 2005


Coincidence, Luck or God's Guidance
by Janice Price

Some people believe there is no such thing as coincidence. Some believe everything is through good or bad luck. And others of us believe that when we trust God, his hand is leading and guiding us, introducing us to others of his children and knitting our lives together as a family unit.

I believe God is serious in his purpose and goals for us, but I also believe he weaves the church together with two very important ingredients - love and humor. We need both to keep from maiming each other while we’re jockeying for the pew in the very front of the church when the VIP evangelist is preaching or the last pew in the rear of the church when the regular minister speaks.

Another tie that binds - or divides - is music. During church services, some like the old hymns, while others prefer contemporary music. One likes organ music, another piano accompaniment, and others want the guitar and keyboard. Human beings, even Christians, are a varied group with different tastes. Even apart from the church, we have diverse interests in music. I love Southern Gospel. Not everyone would agree with me, including those Christians who don’t like Christian music at all.

But a number of us are enjoying the sweet Christian music (alas, not Southern Gospel) of a perky woman named Luanne Hunt. She appears to be multi-talented, writing, singing and recording her own songs to share the joy of her faith through music. Her music ministry is growing, as is her speaking ministry. She’s also a freelance writer.

On her web site visitors can listen to samples of her CDs, sign up for Coffee and Donuts, her free monthly newsletter, or listen to her Christian independent radio broadcast, loveUradio. Stop by and “set a spell.”

What does Luanne have to do with coincidence, luck or God’s sense of humor as mentioned at the beginning of this story? I’m glad you asked.

I could probably write something on almost anyone. You might not recognize yourself, but I could write about you. I can write stories on lessons God is teaching me. I can even write journal entries for my pets. (Humor me here.) But I can’t write my own bio to save my life, not even a short one.

A few months ago I desperately needed a bio to join as a columnist, but my mind was on vacation with my unwritten bio again. Then, somehow, I cruised across and read the from-the-heart writings of Paul Dawn. I wrote a short piece and emailed this stranger to ask permission to post my story on my site. He was so surprised this strange woman would write about him that he read the story to a friend over the telephone. His friend’s name was Luanne Hunt.

Luanne and I met through what can only be called coincidence, luck or God’s guidance. I believe it was by God’s design. I love his sense of humor!

Luanne turned out to be an accomplished bio writer. Who would have guessed? She graciously volunteered to write my bio for A shorter version is posted on my Mercy And Percy site. I still marvel at the timing of God answering a need in the roundabout way he did.

Luanne is excited because her local newspaper has written a story on her. She writes, “I was thrilled about the way it was written because Jesus was truly glorified!” is the link, if you would like to read the story.

I emailed Luanne a question after reading the article and learned we were raised in the same corner of Pennsylvania. Even more surprising, if we were the same age, (I’m not going to tell you who is the older, but I will tell you my hair only appears to be gray.) we would have attended junior high school together.

What a small world when God is involved. We really can trust God to work things out for his purpose. As humans our vision is limited and we have to learn to walk against our nature - by faith rather than by sight. As we learn to trust him, surprising things will happen. We’ll meet people unexpectedly and providentially that we would never have opportunity to meet on our own. We’ll see our needs and others’ needs met in unforeseen ways. Walking with God is an adventure. Today you might weep tears of sorrow, but tomorrow might be a day of experiencing God’s joy.

It’s a pleasure to know Luanne, and I know she would be pleased if I write here that I’m even more excited to be growing in a relationship with God. Luanne, thanks for the bio and the music. And, God, thanks for the sense of humor. I hope my humor reflects you well.

© 2005 Janice Price


Paul said...

Hi Janice,

An awesome post my friend!

I know that Luanne was totally blessed by it, as was I.

Nothing happens in our lives by accident. Our times, our seasons, our lives are in His hands.

It is He that brings order and builds according to His plans.

Thanks for the link my friend. Be blessed.

All is well here in Texas but I also looking forward to my return to the Hill Country of Georgia.

May the Lord Bless you my friend,

Your friend and fellow scribe,

Writing for the King,


Vicki said...

Hi Jan! I so enjoyed your post and agree, nothing comes to us by accident. Isn't it wonderful to know how graciously God provides and guides? I've been thinking about that a lot lately, so your article is very timely for me.

love ya bunches,