Wednesday, October 19, 2005


A Purr-fect Friend
By Janice Price

The bowl I am filling slides off the box of dog biscuits and rolls across the floor. Pieces of dry dog food skitter in every direction. Cyndi races into the room, sits at my feet and begins to purr. The kitten is a calming presence as the small pieces are located and collected. I can’t help but I’m here for you, she would probably say if she could speak.

** Friends know we’re klutzy and don’t remind us of it, but they’re there for us while we pick up the pieces.

When bad news of a friend is received, I am discouraged. Cyndi wakes from a nap, climbs onto my shoulder and, purring, snuggles next to my cheek. I’m here to comfort you, her action conveys.

** Friends recognize when we are discouraged and are willing to listen.

Cyndi leans against Merci’s leg as the dog is scolded for eating a comb. I’m sorry you made a mistake, her body language says, but I’m still your friend.

** Friends forgive us when we make mistakes.

It’s two a.m. and I am washing dishes. Cyndi sits on the washing machine next to the sink and purrs. Work gets finished faster when you have a friend to keep you company, she might say.

** Friends can make a tedious job fun, or at least make it seem easier.

As Cyndi hangs from my knee by her front claws, her bright eyes seem to be telling me, I’m here to chase away your pain.

** Friends give a hug, send a card or just quietly hang with us when we are in pain.

What constitutes a good friend? According to Jerome Cummings, “A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” Friends, as differentiated from acquaintances, see through the facade we adopt for society and accept us - “warts and all."

Cyndi is a purr-fect friend. I have church friends and social friends who are not so perfect, just as I am. And there is one perfect friend: Jesus.

Jesus tells us how to be his friend in John 15:12 -14 (NIV). My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Greater love has no man than this, that he lay down his life for his friends. You are my friends if you do what I command.

copyright 2005 Janice Price


Vicki said...

It's amazing to me how you always find the most wonderful inspiration through your animals! {I have a feeling I'm truely missing out by not having a pet:-)

Your illustrations bless me, Jan, and I delight in finding every new post of yours!

hugs & prayers for you ~

John Cowart said...

This is beautifully written.

Jimmy said...

Hey Jan,
What a great post you wrote! All of us animal lovers can identify so perfectly with the unconditional love of our pets and then translate it to the truly unconditional love of Jesus. Hoping that this isn't taken as blasphemy or something, but sometimes it's like our furry friends are like Jesus here on earth to comfort us and to encourage us. They know when we need them most and are always there.
Thanks again for the wonderful illustrations.

BHGA said...

This was so perfect for me today as I was feeling so deserted. My hubby and I have been talking about getting a puppy (i'm alergic to cats) and I think I will get him one for Christmas...Gives me some time to find just the right one.