Thursday, January 26, 2006


Buddy and Merci
By Janice Price

“I saw your car at the Wal-mart traffic light one day,” Kay laughed, “and there was Buddy.”

Shortly after this, a woman parked her truck beside my car in the Post Office parking lot. Buddy, upset that I would leave him behind, howled, and the little dog in the truck stood up at the driver’s window to bark at him.

As the truck owner and I walked toward the Post Office, she said, “We’ll leave those two to get acquainted.”

“You mean those three,” I responded. “There are two dogs in my car.”

She stopped, turned around and looked at the car with the one visible dog. “Are you sure?”

Merci is a bit longer than my cats but otherwise about the same height and weight. When she climbs into the back seat of the car, she disappears from view.

Buddy is a long-legged hound dog, several times Merci’s size. They both love to ride in the car. Buddy sits tall in the back seat or leans on his elbows between the head rests on the back of the front seat. He is easy to spot, and since he is highly excitable and barks at bicyclists, motorcyclists and dogs in other vehicles, he is highly visible. If I leave the dogs in the car for a few minutes, when I return, I can see Buddy sitting behind the steering wheel from across the parking lot, but unless Merci is standing at the window watching for me, she is invisible to the casual glance.

Buddy is the “spokesdog” of the two. He is constantly whining, crying, cajoling, yelping with excitement, “high-five” barking to announce his presence, or howling. He is in perpetual motion - dancing, walking, leaping, tugging or climbing. It is impossible to not notice him.

Merci is smaller and more low-key than Buddy, but she is neither overlooked nor unhappy with her position in the body of the “pack.”

For as we have many members in one body, but all the members do not have the same function, so we being many are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another. Romans 12: 4-5

God has placed some Christians in positions of leadership/service. A small percentage of these are well-known speakers, authors, musicians, or evangelists. Many others serve in less prominent leadership/service positions. The majority of Christians minister in relative obscurity. They will never be famous or recognized outside of their social circle, but they are not invisible.

Merci might appear quiet and inconspicuous, but people who see her have noted her kind and gentle nature. A friend recently commented, “Doesn’t Merci have the sweetest face?” More than one person has remarked about Merci, the dog who wants to bring home all the cats in the neighborhood, “Merci is well-named.”

Those who serve in the background are as essential as those who serve in the limelight, and others do notice a quiet spirit, a willingness to sacrifice time and talent, a joyful and loving heart, a forgiving attitude, an open hand, and other fruits of the Holy Spirit.

All Christians will not be seen from afar (famous). Most will be invisible to the casual glance. But all Christians can be a light to the world, content with their positions in the Body of Christ.

© 2006 Janice Price

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