Thursday, December 07, 2006


This was written by a friend, an EMT, who deals with emergencies and death daily. Many thanks to Martha Anne for permission to share some of her thoughts on the subject of Death (the personification of death).


By Martha Anne McCarty

The past seven days……. what a whirlwind of life! Tragedy, unexpected yet suspected news, fate, job occurrences, all weave a tapestry of character and inner strength on which we live out each day and hope for a better tomorrow.

I have stared at Death, in some form or fashion, each day.

Monday held a tragic, yet glorious, end to a young mother’s life. Tragic in the way she died, tragic for the hands at which she died yet glorious because this mother sacrificed her own life to save her young son, just as Jesus did for you and me. Death was so close.

Tuesday, Death peeked around the corner, just to remind me that it was there. The news at the cardiologist was not what we were prepared to hear: The potential of suffering from Sudden Cardiac Arrest; a defibrillator implant, and after all the lifestyle changes that have been made over the last 90 days. One problem revealing the greater problem and it is no better. Not the news we had wanted to hear.

Wednesday — a day of doing for another, just because you can. Though time had been completed for the agreed span, duty called, and I did what anyone else in that position would have done. I stayed on to finish the job, because there was a need. And in fulfilling that need, I again faced Death. Oh, so close. The impact was harsh and jolting. The impact riveted the reality of life being able to change in a split second, not only for me but for many other families.

Thursday was a day of rest and recuperation, a time of reflection. A time to see that Death is always so very close, even though we think of it being so far away.

Friday and Saturday — contact with friends who have or are traveling this same stony path, with Death already touching their lives by taking a loved one, or a developing illness that is shadowed by what we naturally fear.

Sunday, the once every 3 week workday, was no exception. It brought the news of tragedy touching a dear close friend and not knowing whether Death will gather another. A sudden collapse of a total stranger, and, lo, there is Death. A terrible fall changes a young man’s life forever …a fatal crash … a newborn babe. Death swung his sickle through our community with such quick motions, it all seemed a blur.

Yet the music during the early morning ride before dawn reminded me of the answer to it all. I can trust God to sustain me, hold me, comfort me, strengthen me—in any situation, at any time. Death has no hold over Him. For God is my Creator, my Protector, my Savior. Whether I meet Death face to face in the next moment, or pass him by in daily living for the next 40 years, I am sheltered in God’s arms. I am because He is.

And because He is, I go on each day focused on His will, because all is well. And that is something that I should never take for granted.

© 2006 Martha Anne McCarty

Used with permission

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