Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A Beautiful Morning

What a beautiful morning!

The sun is shining. The sky is clear. The birds are singing and there is a spring in my step.

That’s what you assumed I was going to say, isn’t it? Well, it’s not. The sky is overcast and dreary. If the birds are singing, they have turned the volume to “mute.” The spring in my step broke years ago.

But when I walked the dogs earlier this morning, the air was cool and a fine mist enveloped us as we strolled. Yes, for once we strolled. Usually, Buddy is practicing for the Indy 500, Samaritan is making sudden stops to sniff and dig, and Merci’s pace alternates left-right-front-back-stop-sprint.

With rain threatening, we cut our usual walk in half and strolled the route twice. Halfway through the first lap, the mist turned to a fine drizzle. Oh, did that feel good after the hot, humid weather normal for early July.

All that I could think of was how grateful I am to have this lovely weather. Even the fierce storm two days ago was a blessing. Georgia, currently in a drought situation, is desperate for rain. My front lawn has more brown than green showing.

Unfortunately, weeds thrive in this weather. Like sin, weeds need little incentive to take root and spread. After we returned from our walk, I walked the yard, swinging the weed chopper. It only cuts off what shows above ground. It doesn’t kill the root.

And that is how effective human effort is against sin. You can follow all the steps in any number of self-help books on how to change yourself and your life, but human effort can only succeed in cutting off what shows in your life “above ground.” It takes the Holy Spirit working in your heart to dig out and kill the root of sin. It is a painful process but the reward will be eternal.

Yes, indeed, it is a beautiful day. The weeds will be growing, but after the rainfall, so will the grass.


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