Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dunderhead Award 1

In case you don’t know what a dunderhead is, keep reading and you will figure it out.

I created this award after learning Stone Mountain Park in Georgia was building Coca Cola Stone Mountain. This is nothing more than a great mountain of snow – in 80 degree weather, no less. The state has just endured a summer of tough watering restrictions because of drought conditions in the state.

And to thoroughly insult those who have faithfully followed the state and individual county rules, this project began on the day Governor Sonny Perdue declared October “Take a Shorter Shower” month. Yes, folks, as Atlanta area residents were asked not to flush toilets unless necessary, a tourist attraction was busy creating snow from the dwindling supply of public water.

No, we haven’t been able to wash our cars in our driveway or bathe our dogs outside all summer, but this resort turned on their snow-making equipment, fully intending to squander 1,231,200 gallons of precious water per month to make snow. Supposedly, this is the equivalent of 106,138 showers. (I assume this figure was arrived at prior to the shorter shower announcement.)

Have you figured out what a dunderhead is yet?

Fortunately, when this story hit the news, there was such a public outcry, the snow mountain project has hit an ice boulder and crashed.

The reason given as their basis for stealing shower water from the public is they thought they were covered under an exception to the law. Namely, making snow was an essential part of their daily business. The Georgia Environmental Protection Division states otherwise. They are in violation of the law.

Stone Mountain Park has its own lake to draw water from. There was no need to filch precious public water.

I’m certain, if you didn’t previously know what a dunderhead is, you have figured it out by now. If you want to confirm your definition, click here.

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Vicki said...

Oh my. I live in Atlanta and didn't even know about this Stone Mtn. thing. All the while our yard has died, and our cars are filthy, not to mention I can't languish in the tub OR shower anymore, even when it helped my aching muscles.

Yep, I think I know what you mean by dunderhead now.