Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Christians in Pakistan

This is posted at the request of a Christian minister in Pakistan. It was delayed a couple of days because I wanted to be absolutely certain he wanted it posted here. Things are not going well in many places of the world and Pakistan is certainly one of the hot spots at present. Please read the following message and pray for Pakistan. There are devout Christians there.

Bhutto was assassinated on Dec. 27th in a suicide bombing and shooting. This has left Pakistan in a lot of political turmoil and unrest. Most of the cities in the country are burning. There have been at least 60 deaths reported as a result of the street violence and protests. There is chaos all around us.

Bhutto was the only politician who had a soft corner in her heart for the (Christian) minority. May God be with her family and give them strength, at this very difficult time of grief.

This has brought us to the point that we can not keep the office of the ministry, in the house.The upper floor of the house is being used as an office. According to the recent developments, we have to move it away for security reasons. We feel that it should be done soon.

We have visited some places in the suburbs that could be safe in the future during the street protests.
Please pray for this immediate move, and lift it before the Lord that he takes us to the right location. We believe, that the Lord will provide the required finances needed to buy the property.

Pakistan is 97% moslem and the 2.5% Christian is under persecution.


And blessings to you and your family, Altaf. Our hearts and prayers are with you.

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MISS PEACH >(^.^) said...

She was an amazing lady from a great dynasty of a family!!
This sad ness in her country right now breaks my heart! The Snowforest clan lives in Pakistan and they are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. Please keep a special pray for them as they seek to come to our country...their first attempt has been sadly denied last week...
Our great country is overrun by rifraf....this incredible asset is denied...politicians have misguided powers.
Much love in my heart and no where to go ...