Thursday, April 03, 2008

Already in His Heart

Cruelty is a subject that arises way too often. Recently I did several posts on Jan's Funny Farm regarding the U.S. Marine who was videotaped throwing a puppy off a cliff and laughing about it. There are other videos online of U.S. military abusing animals and laughing.

This is a quote from my post, Hodgepodge, March 16:

"On our behalf, Jan wrote this in an email to the Public Affairs Office of Marine Corps Base Hawaii (email address in the post URMC Responds to Video) regarding the puppy throwing video:

"This incident concerns me greatly, as does any act of violence against a human or an animal. It is a well-documented fact that animal abuse and human abuse are closely entwined. What I believe is that anyone who would commit such a horrible act as was demonstrated in the video and to laugh at it is not a newcomer to violence. And I'm not referring to what he learned while at war."

For the most part, our troops are young when they enlist, but a person with a propensity for abuse going in is very likely going to come out even more abusive. The correlation between animal abuse and human abuse is well-documented. I have a great respect for our military but the service is comprised of humans, with all their flaws and mentalities.

Some of our troops overseas rescue stray cats or dogs, and now laws are being changed to allow some of these animals to be shipped home to the US to be waiting on the returning serviceman or woman. The answer to why one soldier tortures and another rescues animals can not be explained away by temporary circumstances. Each reacts to what is already in his heart.

And the same for anyone in the military who rapes a fellow officer. I believe the disposition for violence was already present before basic training and deployment. Yet, since the military brass are male and little or nothing is done to punish the perpetrator, one cannot help but wonder if the men in command are egging on those with abusive tendencies by dehumanizing women in their training of recruits. They certainly do not stand for the victim.

It saddened me to read the latest story on rapes committed by fellow soldiers. These are just two articles: "Rapists in the Ranks" and "Sexualized Violence Against Female Soldiers Going Largely Unpunished."

Here's a recent story involving the upcoming generation. "Cops: 3rd-graders aimed to hurt teacher." And the number of animal torture and killings by young children is rising. Children are our future military recruits. They are also our future leaders.

I have serious doubts any animal abuse/torture case will garner any more of a punishment than does rape within the military. For one thing, the "boys will be boys" (even though they are old enough they should act like men) attitude is still prevalent. And for another, I believe the Bible - violence will not only continue but grow worse until Christ returns.

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Kakarot said...

After reading similar reports from folks like Jesse Macbeth, Micah Wright, and a host of others, some obvious questions occur to me:

How sure are you that

a) it was a real live Marine?

b) it was a real live puppy?

c) the event you're so upset about really happened at all?