Monday, July 07, 2008

Ministry of Assault & Violence

This is the second time I have come across a video of this Todd Bentley, a popular faith healer. I have heard some strange tales of faith healers, but never did I imagine one could be so cruel and downright stupid! Yes, in my opinion, this was stupid! And he did it in public. The video is on YouTube.

I hope the man he "healed" comes to his senses and sues Bentley's socks off. Jesus did not inflict such pain on those He healed. Nor did His disciples.

And since this video is labeled Worst Assault at TB Raging Revival, I checked out part 1 and 2 and I'm still in shock. He is actually bragging about doing violent healings" such as kick-the-old-lady-in-the-face and leg-drop-the-pastor. And his audience is smiling and laughing.

Excuse me but this type of violence would get you or I arrested. Why are people flocking to his healing revivals to get abused? How low have Americans sunk, that such a rampage could be considered the work of the Holy Spirit?

I am including Parts 1 and 2 below in case you would like to view them. They're short. Feel free to not watch them. But do pray for those who are being deceived.

Part 2


mum of critters said...

Jan, thanks for posting this - i'm going to pass it to my Dad. When we were vacationing together at the beginning of June he was asking me if I heard of this guy because someone at his church was going to fly all the way to florida to hopefully be healed. Of course I was skeptical and just shared some resources from Piper and others to help my Dad think thru this guy's claims, comparing scripture to his website and showing the fallacy of some of his beliefs (if you don't get healed it's because you don't have enough faith, etc) UGH. It makes me sad that people run to this.

One of the things i shared with my dad was Piper's article Don't Waste Your Cancer. The purpose of suffering is to drive us to God not to drive us to undo the suffering.

Thank you for this post. Just another proof against this guy

Vicki said...

Jan, this post caught my attention, as I've also seen some of the disgusting videos. What I've learned is that Bentley has stepped down from ministry now & is filing for divorce after having some indecretion with a female staff member. (It's not the first time). But all that aside, this man really took advantage of sick and ailing people. Anyone who listens to a spirit guide (his angel named Emma O) is probably dabbling in the occult. Of course, we're told not to judge, but we are to test the spirits. Jesus had no ministry of violence. Bentley is just too bizarre for me.

Thanks for sharing the info.

love & hugs,