Monday, September 27, 2004


By faith, we know the sun will shine again.

By Faith
by Janice Price

As gusts of wind threatened to invert my new umbrella, I lowered the umbrella until I couldn’t see the sidewalk past the tips of my shoes. 2 Corinthians 5:7 came to mind: For we walk by faith, not by sight.

This is how we walk with God, I realized. We trust him to lead us safely through the puddles and over breaks in the sidewalk, even though we can’t physically see him leading us.

Yesterday Theresa and I visited a small country church to hear her son Daniel preach the sermon. By Faith – brothers Johnny and Ronnie Brown, and Johnny’s daughter Heather - were special guests for Homecoming. After church we feasted and then By Faith sang several more songs. You can meet this group at:

Before they left, Pastor Teddy prayed for them. He mentioned that Johnny and Ronnie would like to go into a full time singing ministry. Presently, they work weekdays, then travel in their bus to singing engagements on weekends. (According to Ronnie, the bus is named Shasta. "Sh’asta have diesel. Sh’asta have oil.)

"In order to do this, By Faith will have to walk by faith," Pastor Teddy said. "As Daniel preached today, faith is when the mountain falls on you and you continue to trust God. Faith is trusting that each time we take another step, God has already been there to prepare the way for us."

Posting these stories on the web is a step of faith for me. God has been trying to nudge me ahead for some time, but I have been dragging my feet. I have no financial resources; I am web page and HTML illiterate; I write stories, but my life makes for a boring bio, and writers are always asked for a bio – preferably a sparkling one, littered liberally with credits and degrees. My excuses have been numerous.

I finally climbed off the fence and decided on a blog as an easier beginner’s site. It’s a humble start, but there is no financial investment necessary and I don’t need to learn HTML. Okay, I quickly learned otherwise on the HTML, but I’ve been improvising my own codes to make things do what I want them to do. If the site should ever appear upside down or backwards, you’ll know another of my code experiments has failed. I spend long hours trying to figure out something simple by applying the rules and suddenly a solution will occur to me and even though it shouldn’t work, it does.

God’s steps don’t always make sense to us at the time, but if we walk by faith, even though in our minds his way shouldn’t work, it will.

© 2004 Janice Price

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