Monday, September 13, 2004


"Cinderella" Cyndi

A Cinderella Story
by Janice Price

“Here she comes. Don’t let her get away,” Doug says with fervency.

It is February and there is a possibility of snow for tomorrow. We are joint creaking, muscles groaning, too-old-for-this folks crawling on the cold, wet ground. Doug has backed his automobile onto ramps and is lying underneath it, blindly and patiently working a flexible hose above his head to nudge a kitten from her hiding place.

My brother is muttering about folks who dump their responsibilities onto others. A week ago someone abandoned two young kittens on his property. His dog killed one. The other has survived the same fate by hiding under a car and eating food left for her.

She makes no attempt to bite when I grab her. Once inside the carrier she trembles violently and mews as I drive home.

The story of Cinderella comes to mind. She was unloved and unwanted but had a dramatic change of circumstance. I name the kitten Cinder.

I close the kitten in the bedroom and spend a lot of time on the cold carpet, but I diligently capture, recapture and calm the terrified kitten. I pass the night scrunched and sleepless on a love seat in the living room so the dog and cats won’t scratch and cry at the bedroom door. I walk her around the house and introduce her to the other animals. Twenty-six hours after she arrives, she trots confidently from the bedroom into the living room and makes herself at home.

The dirty, matted mass of hair is wiped, dried and brushed until it is soft and luxuriant. She no longer reeks of dirty engine oil. She’s a shiny-eyed, sashaying, cotton ball with a tail beauty. Cinder is now Cyndi.

Sometimes life can dump us in a desert of loneliness, fear and hunger. We need to be nudged out from under the car. It can be embarrassing to accept a helping hand, even from family members, but God desires that we learn humility. We have the opportunity to be blessed and to be a blessing to those who help us – if we don’t allow the pride of “independence” to rule our spirit.

Cyndi was rescued three days ago. She wasn’t expecting two rescuers and she didn’t voluntarily leave her temporary comfort zone, but she accepted the change in circumstances and quickly adapted. Her life will never be the same.

Whether we create our own trap or life springs one on us, God can and will send rescuers, but we have to let go of our “do it myself” attitude. When we humble ourselves before God, he can work wonders in our lives.

© 2004 Janice Price

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Donna J. Shepherd said...

What a cutie Cinder is! And you figured out the picture program. You're building little by little! And good devotional, too.