Thursday, March 02, 2006


No, the title is not a misprint, and although I am capable of butchering English on occasion, it is not my idea of proper grammar. It is a quote from a man who admitted to trying to kill his wife in four separate incidents. (He was such a bumbler his second attempt backfired and nearly killed him instead.)

When he asked his son to help him on his next attempt, the son went to the police. The police taped a microphone and transmitter on him and the father’s murder plan was recorded. Ironically, the man evidently did not have anything against his wife. He merely wanted to collect the insurance on her so he could continue his high-spending lifestyle.

As he described his final plan to his son, he explained what he intended to do to keep her blood from spattering. “I seen this on TV,” he said.

It seems that no matter what demented crime a person wants to commit today it can be found on TV, in all its grisly detail. I can not help but wonder what kind of twisted minds write some of these shows. These minds are obviously not centered on God or grounded in His Word, but then God is rarely included in the world’s entertainment.

It is not all the writers’ fault either. Too many of today’s TV viewers are not satisfied with wholesome family entertainment. Murder and mayhem – the gorier the better – rule much of American television fare.

How far are producers going to go with this trend for the goriest, most inane, nightmare-inducing programming available for anyone of any age with the ability to push a button? They will take it just as far as they can get away with pushing it. Some request it. Some learn to enjoy it. And some are easily manipulated into accepting whatever is put on their plate.

If you fill up on a diet of junk food, which is full of empty calories and unable to supply your nutritional needs, sooner or later your body will show the effects of your poor food choices. If you are what you eat, as the saying goes, can a steady “diet” of negativity, including visions of violent and gruesome death scenes, be healthy for your mind?

It is no wonder there is little peace of mind in the world, even among Christianity. There is nothing in the Bible that specifically mentions making wise TV choices, but there are principles that can be applied. One of them is Philippians 4:8. Fill your mind with positive ideas, uplifting thoughts, and praise. There is nothing positive, uplifting or praiseworthy in gore and violence, so why are so many Christians watching it?

Every generation has taken another step toward lowering the standards for morality and entertainment. Our TV fare has hit an all-time low. I dread to see what unseemly drivel will be introduced next.

As a Christian TV viewer, I need to be aware of what I am ingesting and what kind of an effect it can have on my spiritual life.

Please, Lord, if I ever say, “I seen this on TV,” may it be because I learned something I can use to enrich my life and the life of others.

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