Saturday, March 11, 2006


It should come as no surprise, but there is another movie, this one an independent film for sale on DVD, “proving” that Jesus did not exist. I found the link in a news article on a Christian site.

I seriously considered not naming the movie or providing a link in this story, but it would not only be hard but dishonest to write about it and not allow others to check it out if they so desire. The movie is The God Who Wasn’t There and the official website is here.

The first advertising comment to strike me was: “Hold on to your faith. It's in for a bumpy ride.” Wow! Such assurance in a premise. He must have recently revealed revelation to expound. I turned the page and read more, then watched the trailers. But – yawn – I didn’t find anything new or bumpy.

Most of us are already aware of the “Jesus is a myth” claim, as well as the supposition that he was just a savior-come-lately – another figure of other cultures’ pool of dying gods and copycat saviors that existed centuries before Jesus was supposedly born.

I investigated a bit farther and read some of the controversial arguments for and against this movie. I did not learn anything new there either. The comments I found only reinforced my belief that Christians and non-Christians alike are poor communicators. Christians are “stupid” (one of the nicer terms used) and non-Christians are “going to hell.” Great dialogue! Comments like those are really guaranteed to change the other person’s mind, aren’t they?

Spiritual faith is not something you can acquire on your own or impart to others. Spiritual things must be spiritually discerned and no amount of confrontation or preaching is going to win the argument. There is no need to be defensive because you believe Jesus is your Savior. And no need to be aggressive because another person holds a different belief. A sincere affirmation of your personal faith in Jesus might be sufficient for the moment and lead to a deeper discussion later.

Do you believe without a doubt that Jesus is who he claimed to be? Is your faith built on the Rock and strong enough to withstand these attacks on Jesus’ – and thus your Christian – credibility?

I sincerely hope so. If your foundation is not Rock-solid, sooner or later your faith will be in for a bumpy ride.

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