Monday, January 22, 2007


Patty Kirk was raised a Catholic, believing one must earn her way into heaven. In her teens, she turned away from her faith and became an atheist, traveling the world in search of meaning and happiness. Eventually, she returned to the U. S. to teach. She married a farmer. Not just any farmer, but a Bible-believing, praying Christian. Two children later, she was a Christian too.

In Confessions of an Amateur Believer, Patty Kirk writes, “What a joy it is to exchange fighting for rest!” She has reached the stage where she realizes she can not save herself and abandons the struggle. She has stopped fighting against Jesus.

This book describes her journey from the easy belief of a child to a restless non-believer and finally into a settled faith. Or, as she explains it, “This book explores how, having begun to believe as a child and lost sight of God for half a lifetime, I came not only to recognize him again, but, by struggling with scripture and my own habits of unbelief to acknowledge and celebrate his active participation in my life.”

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