Sunday, March 18, 2007


Since I have been asked why I have not been posting stories and whether I am still writing, it must be time to post something new to let folks know I am still alive and typing.

A few months ago I posted notice this site might have to close because my mother’s death brought heavy changes to my life. I did not have time to write for many weeks and that gave me some time and distance to consider options, one of which was to keep Mercy And Percy going, but perhaps with some changes.

It has been six months since Mother’s death and I am still unsure of what my future holds, but I am not twiddling my thumbs. I am chin-deep in trying to keep up with commitments, catch up with household duties (including a mountain of paperwork that needs sorting and filing – some mine, some Mother’s), juggle all the personal and legal obligations that follow a death, and tackle new projects. And I can’t forget to include my responsibility to the Funny Farm residents who need care and attention too or they stare at their empty bowls and drag leashes around the house to clue me in to their needs.

This has not been an easy time, but life is full of mountains and valleys. It has been a journey of hard work, exhaustion, illness, and discouraging setbacks. But the trek has included some great surprises, the support of loyal friends, and a stronger awareness of the presence of God in my life.

There will be more posts, but they might be sporadic.

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