Saturday, September 08, 2007

Thank you, Sheriff Conway

Just over a month ago, Sheriff Butch Conway offered a reward of $10,000 – from his own pocket, mind you – for information leading to the arrest and conviction of dogfighters in Gwinnette County, Georgia. Way to Go, Sheriff!

Georgia has the most deplorable dogfighting laws in the country. Law enforcement has shown little interest in pursuing these lawbreakers because little or nothing results from the investigations and arrests. But it looks as if that might change.

Thanks to Sheriff Conway of Lawrenceville, the Georgia Sheriffs' Association is now offering up to $2500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in dogfighting.

Thank you, Georgia Sheriffs' Association! It isn’t much of a reward in comparison to Sheriff Conway’s offer, but it gives hope that law enforcement intends to buckle down and pursue those involved in dogfighting.

Forcing any type of animals to fight, often to the death, is a despicable form of animal abuse! Parents who bring children to these “sporting events” should be charged with child abuse. Children are not only exposed to the bloody brutality of fighting, but these fights attract heavy betting and drug sales/usage.

Already Sheriff Conway’s offer of a reward has resulted in a raid in Snellville. Four men have been charged with dogfighting, 10 pit bulls have been seized, and drugs have been confiscated. Unfortunately, it is the dogs that will receive the harshest penalty. Pit bulls live to please their masters. Their reward for obedience? They will be put to death.

It’s way past time for Georgia to get serious on sniffing out dogfighters and meting out swift and stiff punishment to them.

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