Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tomorrow Has Come

A tribute to my mother, who passed away one year ago today.


By Janice Price

How swiftly do the years flow by (comparing now with then).
The hands that rocked my cradle then, now barely hold a pen.
The feet that paced the floor with me are sore and wracked with pain.
The sturdy legs that climbed the stairs reluctantly abstain.

A stroke, some falls, a shattered hip – all things we couldn’t share.
Determinedly, her swollen feet propel her “rolling chair.”
Where once we could stand back to back and match at five-foot-four,
Her body’s lost the war with time. Her neck bends toward the floor.

Her eyesight faded years ago. She legally is blind.
She keeps up with the daily news to exercise her mind.
She once could hear a silent sin. Her hearing was acute.
She now maintains volume control is languishing on “mute.”

Her hair remains quite dark and fine, with just a touch of gray.
She misses how her gardening once brightened up her day.
Tomorrow was a future date. No way we could foresee
She'd live in prison, physically, though technically she’s free.

One day tomorrow came to pass. My mother has grown old.
We need to share more memories - relate the tales untold.
She smiled her way through failing health. One day she’d rest a while.
Tomorrow’s here. Let’s share a joke. And launch that impish smile

But now her time on earth has passed. Her steadfast faith endured.
No longer deaf or blind or lame – of this we are assured.
We buried her beside her son, through tears – emotions numb.
Though death is not the journey’s end, tomorrow sure has come.

© 2000, 2007 Janice Price

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