Thursday, April 12, 2007

Keep Swinging

A 102-year-old woman recently made a hole-in-one while playing a round of golf. I believe she has been playing for 80 years and this is her first hole-in-one. I could be off on the number of years, but nevertheless this is a wonderful bit of news, because it illustrates the sage advice to persevere. I was surprised to learn a 102-year-old woman is still playing golf, but she broke the previous age record of a 101-year-old man in 2001.

So, if you have a goal or a dream, don’t give up on it merely because the years are passing. Time will pass whether you persevere or quit.

Perseverance is especially important if your goal or dream is God-given or God-inspired. Man is impatient. He wants everything yesterday. God, however, moves at his own pace, working things out according to his own blueprint and timetable.

Are you middle-aged or a senior citizen who believes God only works in and through the young, healthy and strong? Don’t despair. He doesn’t toss aside the sick, the weak or even the elderly. Not only can God use you whatever your age, but sometimes he has a better purpose for you when you have some experience and maturity under your expanding belt.

Golf is just a game. Elsie McLean attained her goal of a hole-in-one because she continued to play the game and she kept swinging.

What might God accomplish in you and through you if you persevere toward your goal or dream? If you want to find out, keep swinging.

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