Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Squeezing Through

A dog looks upon a cat pan as an all-you-can-eat buffet. This is a nauseating fact of pet character for those of us who mix canines and felines in the same household.

Pet owners block canine access to a cat pan. The canine figures a way over, under, around or through the barricade to reach the pan. The owner tries a new strategy. Eventually, the dog finds a way around that too. Dogs can be devious and very adept at overcoming obstacles when they really want something or think they are playing a game.

There are two large cat pans in this house and I thought I had finally found a way to keep the dogs away from them. The problem is that the cats can barely squeeze through the blockade to reach their pans and I have to move a number of items in order to scoop the pans.

The past few days I noticed the rattan three-sided “gate” was rapidly coming apart at the hinges. This morning I discovered the reason why.

Buddy, my 45 – 50 pound hound was caught sitting in one pan and dining out of the other. He was busted! There was nowhere to run or hide. He could barely turn around and squeeze through the small opening to crawl between the rattan piece and an auto ramp shoved onto a narrow shelf. I was amazed his body could maneuver in that cat-size space. But he was tempted and succumbed.

Gross? Definitely! But does God view a man’s (or woman’s) flagrant sin any differently than I view a dog’s aberrant appetite? God abhors sin and those who deliberately continue in sin are not Christ’s.

Some have fallen for the misconception that God does not exist or does not mean what he says about sin. Some believe they can live an anything-goes lifestyle and knock on heaven’s door at the last moment. And there are some who think it is appropriate to squeeze through a narrow space to sit in a cat pan of sin because God is all-forgiving

Buddy doesn’t know any better. He’s a dog. Man has the Bible, the word of God. What is man’s excuse?

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