Sunday, April 22, 2007

Let's Use Common Sense

It is a photograph I love: A young boy kneeling in prayer beside his bed. Next to him is a brown hound, paws on bed and eyes closed.

But the message just forwarded to me raises my dander. Excuse me, but who is the simpleton who wrote this to “send around” the internet with the picture?

This is the picture of the week !!!!!! I hope you will pass it on. Amongst all of the junk we get over the internet, occasionally we get something like this. It's just too good not to send around. If a dog has time to pray so should we!!!

“If a dog has time to pray?” Let’s be real, folks. I love animals. I have several. I volunteer to do whatever I can to try to fight animal abuse, encourage spay/neuter, and help with local shelter photographs.. This photo is absolutely adorable, but a praying dog?

Some forwarded messages are cute, inspirational, or informative, but the amount of garbage that floats about under the guise of “religious” is – well, disgusting.

My relationship with God will not suffer because I click the delete button instead of sending a “religious” message to everyone in my address book. I’m not going to hell because I choose to not share “those who love God will pass this on to everyone they know” emails, or because I’m offended by the “send this to ten people and something will appear on your screen,” or because I detest the “prayers” being passed around to “bring special blessings."

Even if there is something of actual value in the body of the message, does anyone actually believe tacking on these directives to pass on if you love Jesus types of messages honor God in any way? These forwards seem more like mocking God. They certainly do not fit in with worshipping God, spreading the gospel, encouraging the brethren, etc.

Please folks, don’t send me any “if you love Jesus, you will pass this on” messages. If I love Jesus, I will obey whatever he commands, not whatever someone with too much time on their hands and an overblown sense of self-righteousness directs.

If this message offends you, think about it for a moment.

Let’s use common sense when we receive forwarded emails purporting to prove we love God. There is nothing in the Bible about the way to heaven being paved with all-my-contacts religious forwards.

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Paul said...

Amen Jan, Amen!

I too get these an I am quick to hit the delete button.