Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Shock Jock Imus

The recent remark by shock jock Don Imus on his radio show has earned him a two-week suspension, beginning next Monday. It has also brought him so far into the limelight that in the unlikely event his employer agrees to fire him over the public outcry, he could easily snap up a similar job for more pay.

A “shock jock” is a radio broadcaster who uses “humor” to offend people. There are a number of them who are well-known for offensive comments, and every so often a furor such as this one over Imus hits the headlines.

Personally, I think the airwaves would be better off without this type of “entertainment,” and I could happily go through life without ever listening to one of these “comedians,” but they exist because there is a large enough audience to make such shows profitable.

What are you listening to on the radio - men trashing others for the shock value and ratings …music … non-shocking talk radio ….Christian radio … news?

There is an old saying, Garbage in, garbage out, and it is applicable here. Watch what you allow into your mind. If you listen to programs that exist solely to humiliate, denigrate or poke fun at others, you might not recognize it in yourself, but it will change you – and not for the better.

Whether Imus returns to the same station after his suspension ends or moves on to another station, his type of programming will continue to air.

I didn’t listen to him before this hype began and don’t intend to start now, and from what I have read about his show, it isn’t funny anyway.

God gave us our sense of humor. It’s healthy to laugh. But I would rather stick to clean humor, humor that doesn’t offend or insult others.


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