Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bringing Back Russ

I have never seen a Gaither Homecoming video in its entirety. I finally saw a tiny portion of one several months ago when someone sent a link to a short song segment posted on YouTube. As I clicked on related song titles and watched other video snippets, I began to recognize some of the names associated with Bill and Gloria Gaither.

There are so many uplifting and talented artists, but this post is about a specific one - Russ Taff. He spent three years as part of the Gaither Vocal Band before resuming his solo career, which is still going strong.

He is a dynamic singer, with a voice one can quickly learn to recognize. There is something about him that "speaks" to me -- I've lived a hard life, had many trials and taken any number of wrong roads, but God has corrected me, brought me back to my roots and made me whole.

While googling another subject, I came across a recent interview with Russ Taff published on the Today's Pentacostal Evangel website. I hope you will take a moment to read the entire article, in which he speaks about how he became caught up in "the business of Christianity and the business of doing the Lord's work" and how the Holy Spirit led him out of "the business" and into surrender.

Russ Taff came to a point of total surrender in his life. He made the decision to follow God, no matter where or what. It was not easy but it changed his priorities and his life. His career is doing great. His family life is better than ever. And best of all, his faith is stronger.

Unfortunately for folks who sing like I do, if you can't sing on key before you surrender, you most likely won't be able to sing on key afterwards. But surrender all, as Russ did, and God will raise you up in His way, in His time, and in His service.

You can read the TPE article here - "Remembering The Call"

And this is one of my favorite Russ Taff songs - "They Call It Gospel Music."

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