Friday, November 30, 2007

Sherman Jones

I don't remember hearing the Korean War called "The Forgotten War," but it is. Korean vets returned to a country which wanted to forget the sacrifices they made. Surviving American prisoners of war were vilified by returning fellow soldiers.

Sherman Jones is one of the survivors of a massacre near Kujang-dong during the Korean War. I never heard his name or read of the Korean Death March or the Sunchon Tunnel Massacre until today. An internet friend sent a link to a video. After watching it, I checked out the story.

I warn you, keep the tissues handy when you watch this video. It's not sad; it's heartwarming. They gave an old vet an honor he deserved but never expected to receive.

There is a lot of information available on the net on the subject of the Korean War. This is only one story - "For POWs, Korea was not America's 'Forgotten War.'"

We have lost most of our WWII vets and are losing many of our Korean War vets, along with a number of Vietnam-era vets. The best time to honor them is while they are still living, as this graduating class did with Sherman Jones.

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