Friday, November 16, 2007

Logan's Calf

Update: Oops, the link I received was strictly for the audio and does not properly ID the source. The radio station has sent the link from which this audio should be accessed and I have made the change in the Logan's Calf link below. If you have already listened to the audio, please click on the Logan's Calf link again and you can not only read an inspiring message from Logan's mom, but you can also find other great stories of interest.

Thanks, Mike - the Morning Show Host at KSBJ 89.3 - for leaving a comment to correct this oversight!


Every so often you get a really special forward. This one is special because it comes directly from the mouth of a boy who shares a lesson about an old cow, a newborn calf, a painful duty - and God's love.

Logan's Calf

Thanks for sharing this, Sherry.


Mike said...

I am glad you have found Logan's call to our radio station. We don't have any problem with you posting it on your blog, but can you please link it to our radio station? Thank you so much!


Morning Show Host
89.3 KSBJ

Anonymous said...

That was so heartwarming and true. Out of the mouths of babes. Jan, so grateful we have you to bring show us the best in people and animals and GOD Love ya Carolyn