Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Pet Massacre Update

It was a sad day in Barceloneta, Puerto Rico when city employees took away pets by force and threats of eviction, and turned them over to a contractor hired - and well paid! - to deliver them to a shelter. The contractor, however, had the animals thrown alive from a bridge. Click here to read Pet Massacre.

There was a worldwide response to this news - outrage!

The news gets worse. This was not the first offense. Or even the second. This has evidently been the company's practice for years.

When I read this article Pet massacres carried out in Puerto Rico I thought of how rampant animal abuse has grown. And so has spousal abuse, child abuse, abortion on demand, the practice of "euthanasia," and a flagrant disregard for the principles and teachings of a Holy Creator God.

Is your response to this, they're only animals? Well, God put them in our (man's) care. Doesn't seem to me like man - both as individuals and nations - is doing a very good job of caretaking.

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Anonymous said...

I agree 100% jan-- keep at it maybe one day it will stop.
And the pets [and man] can live in peace- without all the killing!